frequently asked questions

First, you approve the quote.

Second, discuss the project.

Third, give your business idea, logo, social media, and any material that can assist us with studying your business.

Fourth, provide content for the website.

Lastly, make a payment to start the project.

New websites take about two to three weeks to complete depending on how complex they are and your individual needs. This averages out at a range from 8-12 hours per day with an expectation that work will not significantly exceed 40 hrs in any given week (unless agreed upon by both parties).

Our Website Maintenance Plans are ongoing support. Design to maintain and keep your site running fit as a fiddle reliably after launch.  To see our maintenance plans visit here

Indeed, we build our apps and install them on the AppleStore and the PlayStore for you.

Each business is unique. So every business will get results and progress differently, some take longer than others. Extraordinary outcomes don't occur overnight but yet you will see continuous, dependable ranking results monthly. You will not be number 1 overnight. You will not see an increase in traffic and sales overnight.  A few clients come to us and they are on page 18 while others come to us effectively on page 2. So various cilents will appreciate incredible outcomes sooner than others.

We will make your site well known so you acquire internet searcher rankings, site traffic, and new paying clients. We do a ton for your business that all rotate around SEO (search engine optimization).

You can cancel anytime for any reason.